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Flat Out Under Pressure: WINNER!!!

For the fifth year in a row, I competed in the Metropolitan Arts Council “Flat Out Under Pressure” and this year I was one of the eight winners.  Woo Hoo!  This competition, sponsored by MAC, is a yearly challenge for each artist to take a blank canvas to the MAC office and have the canvas stamped to indicate that it is, in fact, a blank canvas.  Then the artists have 24 hours to create their masterpiece and return the freshly painted canvas to the MAC office, where it is judged.  The eight winners have their art displayed on a recycle bin in the downtown and WestEnd areas of Greenville.  Such a cool win-win for Greenville and her artists!


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New! Trinity Nest Series

I created these little paintings to represent the Holy Trinity by painting three little eggs in a nest.  They are 4″x4″, 6″x6″ and 8″x8″.  They make wonderful hostess gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, or a little gift to yourself!

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Live Painting at BSUMC during an Advent service

In December I was asked by our Rev. Roy Mitchell to accompany the Advent service at Buncombe Street United Methodist Church by painting a live painting during the opening music and sermon.  It was quite a challenge because I only had about 15-18 minutes to complete the painting.  The message of the sermon was, basically,  how Christ is the light in the darkness.  I chose to start with a totally black canvas (representing darkness) and painted quickly, using bold brush strokes and colors.  I purposely let some of the paint drip, depicting how life can be messy.  As I added layer upon layer, the image began to appear.  But the folks in the congregation had a hard time figuring out what I was painting.

The painting represents to me how Jesus is the only way we can see positive light in a dark tragic situation.  The idea stemmed from a personally tragic situation our family experienced last summer.  Our youngest son developed a strong friendship with a set of twin boys from Columbia that he met during a summer on Edisto.  Lee introduced us to Thomas and MacRae Few, and later their entire family, who we knew marginally through our brother in law who grew up in Greenwood with their daddy, Wes Few.  We became fast friends with the Few family as Thomas was roommates with our nephew, Hudson, at Clemson and MacRae was enrolled at The Citadel as a knob with Lee.

Last summer Thomas suffered a tragic fall in Clemson and died as a result of his injuries.  The world of the Few family, 20-year olds across our state, and our own family were darkened beyond comprehension.  But the way the Few family and our church, primarily led by Pastor Justin, responded to the grief of our community were such a light and beacon to our Lord God and His unconditional love and peace!

So, when I was asked to paint this theme, I asked Mary Wesley Few (one of my art students and the youngest Few child) to help me with the painting.  When we finished, we flipped the painting upside down, and then it was evident to the congregation that the subject matter was a group of candles, lit brightly, in the darkness…much as we remember Thomas, a beautiful bright light in our midst.  The painting will hang in the almost-completed  Thomas H. Few H2O House at the Frazee Center which will provide a place for marginalized families to bring their children for showers and a laundry facility.

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Meet Champ

This little buddy likes to hang out with me while I’m painting and teaching.  “Clemson’s National Championship/Champ” is the newest addition to the Hudson family and the Studio 201 team.  Come by and give him a petting and take a look at some fabulous local art!

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“Im so fortunate and blessed to paint with some of Greenville’s finest artists.

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Flat Out Under Pressure 2018

Here we go again!  24 hours to create a painting and turn it in to MAC for a juried show.  This year I decided to go with a beach theme.  I had two 24×30 canvases stamped and began work on two paintings simultaneously on Friday morning at 9:00am.  I had one palette and was using the same colors on both paintings, one a seascape of a storm over Otter Island across the bay from Edisto Island.  The other painting is of oyster shells, one of my favorites to eat! Here is the process in stages…




My studio mates who also painted for the FOUP contest

My set up at 9:00am


First step is to prime the canvas with an orange-ish wash. Then create a simple sketch with Alizarin Crimson.

Then I added the darker darks and created the “drips” by thinning the paint with a lot of medium.

Next step was to begin to add the different hues and values.

And more paint…

The finishing touches were added with the lightest hues and values. I also flicked a little paint all over to create the illusion of water droplets.

A close up

Another detail

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The Painterly Ladies are at it again! (New location this year)

This year the Painterly Ladies had lots of new works to offer our friends and family in a home environment (thanks to rain).  We displayed approximately 150 works of art, all oil paintings, and many of them went home with their patrons.  Thanks to all who came out in the rain to support Local Art!  If you want to be included in the e-vite list next time, please send your name and email address to me at

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Painting for The Antanakous Foundation

Come see this beauty in memory of our sweet Kim, titled “Mother’s Day”, at the Antonakos Foundation Community Celebration on Friday, February 23. Kim was a “Mother of all Mothers” and those who knew her admired her so much. This painting represents the five members of the Antonakos family who lost their lives in the tragic plane crash in Alaska. There are six flowers, the five representing each member of the Antonakos family and the sixth flower representing the McManus family and the pilot who also perished in the crash. It is an honor to memorialize this precious family and the others who meant so much to us with their lives.  

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Because all art studios need a Bob Ross influence

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“In The Beginning”

This is a painting I did a few months ago.  My young friend, Mariah, has chickens that lay these beautifully colored eggs.  One morning I was cracking them next to the sink to make breakfast for my family when I noticed the way the sun was coming through my kitchen window.  I just loved the way that the light hit some of the egg shells.  So…I quickly took some photos and made one of them into a painting.  It also reminded me of the old saying, “Which came first?  The chicken or the egg?”  It also reminds me of something we did with our children when they were little.  It was called “RESURRECTION EGGS” which helps young children learn of the birth, life and resurrection of Christ.  So I titled this painting, “IN THE BEGINNING” which could either mean Which came first or The Salvation of Christ came first!

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